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Doggie daycare is the perfect solution for today’s busy pet parents. Simply drop off your pet at The Playful Pup Pet Resort and go on your way, whether it’s to work, to run errands, or out on the town. With us, your dog will enjoy a day of supervised playtime with friends, secure indoor and outdoor play areas, plenty of attention from our adoring caregivers, and all the fun they can imagine. By the end of the day, your dog will be satisfied, socialized, and relaxed for a nice evening with you.

Find out why we’ve won the Talk of the Town Award every year since 2012!

Where Dogs can be Dogs

Just like people, dogs can get antsy and anxious when left alone all day. Instead of worrying about a lonely dog at home, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your dog’s having tons of fun in a safe place when they’re at The Playful Pup Pet Resort. Here are some of the ways we enrich your dog’s day in our daycare program.

  • Fully fenced outdoor play areas
  • Climate controlled indoor playrooms
  • 100% supervision from a canine caregiver
  • Highly trained staff certified in pet first aid and CPR
  • Fun play equipment and plenty of shade
  • Special turf yards for comfortable mud-free play
  • Social group play and individual playtime available
  • Rest periods in comfy private rooms
  • At least 4 outdoor elimination breaks
  • Comprehensive wellness checks
  • Relaxing sounds of music

Your dog’s perfect day out starts at only $28.95 per day.

Important Benefits of Doggie Daycare

Doggie daycare’s more than just a good time for your playful pup. It’s also extremely beneficial in a variety of ways! In fact, veterinarians agree doggie daycare is an especially enriching environment unlike any other.

Physical Exercise. Dogs often need more exercise than a walk around the neighborhood to stay in tip-top shape. In daycare groups, dogs are free to run, play, and get out all their extra energy in a secure environment tended by professional caregivers. While you go about your day, we’ll make sure your pup gets all the exercise they crave.

Mental Stimulation. Canine boredom can sometimes lead to troublesome habits like chewing your belongings, barking all day, or digging up the yard. Daycare gives them a place to have fun and be entertained, ensuring they have a fulfilling and engaging day while you have to be apart.

Socialization. Many dogs naturally crave the companionship of their fellow canines. Doggie daycare offers a healthy place for your dog to make friends with other friendly, vaccinated dogs. Unlike the dog park, daycare is a controlled environment and your pup will only play with friends chosen especially for him or her.

Doggie Daycare FAQ

Where will my dog be playing?
Daycare dogs have the run of over 1000 square feet of securely fenced outdoor play space. Additionally, we have spacious and clean indoor play areas that are temperature-controlled year-round.
What kind of dogs will my dog be playing with?
All daycare dogs are assessed for friendliness and compatibility with social play. Your dog will enjoy the company of pups of similar temperament, size, and age.
My dog doesn’t really like other dogs. Can you still take him for daycare?
Absolutely! We offer an enriching private daycare program just for our less social doggie friends. Your dog will enjoy one-on-one playtimes with a staff member doing whatever they love best. They’ll get lots of attention and exercise in our play areas.
What kind of safety measures are in place?
Our facility was built with canine safety in mind. We have secure fencing, security systems, air filtration systems, and special turf yards to ensure a healthy and comfortable environment. All daycare staff members are highly trained with certification in pet first aid and CPR as well as canine behavior. Playgroups are always closely supervised by a caregiver!
What vaccinations are required?
We do require all our guests to be vaccinated to ensure the healthiest and safest play experience possible. Proof of vaccination is required for rabies, distemper, and Bordetella.
Do you offer daycare packages?

Yes! In fact, pet parents who visit The Playful Pup Pet Resort for daycare frequently take advantage of the discounts our daycare packages offer. Call us today to find out more!

Free Day of Play and Evaluation
for New Daycare Clients

We can’t wait for your playful pup to join us.
Enjoy your first day of play for free!

Discount subject to availability and cannot be combined with other offers.
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